Agriculture Project

Establishing integrated agricultural farm model in the Niger Delta States.

Over the Years L4A has been committed to the eradication of poverty through the mechanism of agricultural researches and projects, from operation feed the farmer feed the nation, we are currently embarking on Establishing integrated agricultural farm model in the Niger Delta States.


Basically L4A has access to over seventy eight thousand farmers under their control, opportunities for farmers and youths to combat the high level of unemployment and crime through job creation to youths and women in the region.

With the cassava processing company that was established in River State with the Capacity of a minimum of 60,000 metric tons annually and to boost the project with the partnership of the international organizations as off-takers in this project thereby is providing a ready market for the produce thereafter.

L4A has designed a will dwell on the four mandate agricultural production such as cassava, poultry, fishery and plantain. Farmers will be able to have access to adequate resources for their farms etc the project will also be duplicated in the nine states of the Niger delta region.

Pursuant to the above, L4A will collaborate with Government, International Agencies, companies, and commission etc to promote this project.

Some of Benefits of proposed Project:

  1. Value chain addition to encourage out grower scheme
  2. Stimulation of economic activities in the area.
  3. Generation of employment opportunities.
  4. Poverty reduction through the income stream
  5. Food availability leading to food security.

Throughout the project professional guidance and expertise will be carried out by L4A and local and international partners. L4A is committed to reduce the poverty ratio by 55% in Niger Delta Region. We are excited with the response from organization and it is this light we welcome sustainable partnership.

For full proposal please contact our Agriculture Project Manager email.